The true essence of the House

Exclusivity and design

La Casa del Rey Sabio is a journey through the senses. It is an escape to Seville like you had never imagined.

Its walls, more than eight centuries old, are home to history and culture, but also elegance, modernity and sobriety. The natural elements are integrated in total harmony with an exclusive and minimalist decoration that is committed to simplicity. Stone and clay on the floors, wood on the ceilings and windows combined with lime mortar walls. All the elements fit together perfectly to create an unforgettable experience during your visit to Seville.

Suites with a unique and exclusive decoration that invite you to rest and calm. Common areas where water and nature are the absolute protagonists. An oasis in the heart of Seville.

Apartamentos Casa del Rey Sabio piscina privada
Apartamentos Casa del Rey Sabio Patio

«Seville cannot be explained, it has to be experienced. It has a unique soul»
- Ferran Adriá

our goal is to keep you well

Details make the difference

Luxury and comfort. Our maxim is excellence. We want your experience in our flats to be as pleasant as possible. We want you to disconnect from everything that is not Seville, your rest and the house in which you are staying.

The exclusivity of the house is palpable down to the smallest detail; from the aesthetics of the building to the treatment of each guest. We offer personalisation and we attend to the particular needs of each guest.

Consult with our staff to find out what we can do for you.

We look forward to seeing you.

Unique building

Careful decoration

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Maximum comfort